Podiatry (from Greek ποδο-, podo: ‘foot’, and -λογία, -logy, ‘study’) is a branch of medicine whose purpose is the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders affecting the feet. The podiatrist is a specialist who is qualified, through years of study and training, to diagnose and treat various foot and ankle disorders

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Chiropody is the podiatry treatment that consists in the elimination of calluses and alterations in the toenails, in order to avoid and prevent possible discomfort caused by the use of inappropriate footwear.

Diabetic foot

People suffering from this disease can develop neuropathies in their feet (lack of sensation) and ulcers that can lead to serious problems.

Nail reconstruction and re-education

This is a podiatric technique which consists of the application and placement of a gel nail on top of the injured nail, in order to simulate the presence of an aesthetically normal nail on that toe, a part from the purely aesthetic objective of this technique.

Orthopaedic treatment

Elaboration of customised insoles adapted to each person after an exhaustive study. We take care of your feet.

Study of the footprint

The biomechanical study of the footprint or gait consists of an examination in which the position of the feet in static and in motion is analysed, as well as the movement of the knees, hips and spine, to identify and treat the biomechanical causes that produce alterations. The study of the footprint is known, above all, for its use in sports medicine."Thanks to it, the performance of runners can improve a lot.  The insoles prevent problems that can be serious.