Physiotherapy is a discipline of health science which offers
non-pharmacological therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments to diagnose, prevent and treat
symptoms of multiple ailments, both acute and chronic, by means of physical
agents such as electricity, ultrasound, laser, heat,
cold, water, manual techniques such as stretching, traction, massage.

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Circulatory massage + cold bandages

Ideal treatment to reduce cellulite, improves blood flow, helps reduce cellulite, improves blood flow, helps reduce fluid retention and heaviness in the legs.

Cranial massage

It is applied to the skull, face, neck and shoulders and it is especially aimed at reducing the tension in these areas and eliminating the pain and discomfort that this can cause, as well as relaxing and soothing migraines and headaches.


Non-invasive cellular regenerative treatment ideal for physiotherapy treatments. It eliminates muscle and tendon pain, -Vasodilatation and therefore increased blood flow to the treated area. -Relaxing effect. - Anti-inflammatory effect both by increasing drainage and by the trophic effect. It can be applied in: neurological pain syndromes: neuralgia and neuritis. Sciatica. - Pathology of the spinal column: cervical, dorsal and lumbar pain. -Muscular disorders: contractures, trigger points, fibrillar ruptures... Joint disorders: osteoarthritis, arthritis. In some rheumatic pathologies. - Tendon problems. - Sports injuries

Lymphatic drainage

Manual technique to drain the lymph, helps to treat fluid retention, tired legs. Ideal for decongesting and feeling lighter. It is also used for lymphedema with compression bandages to decongest.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is a technique integrated in Physiotherapy that consists of the use of different massage techniques for therapeutic purposes, to treat illnesses and injuries (sports, maintenance, rehabilitation...).

Massage with aromatic candles

Relaxing massage with floral and exotic aromas, you will love the sensation of the hot oil from the candle with relaxing music, ideal to take a break in time, this is your moment, enjoy it.

Massage with Ayurvedic Pindas

Pindas are cloth bags made of natural and noble materials, mainly cotton and linen. Inside the pindas, the components that are going to be part of the treatment, which consist of medicinal plants or aromatic herbs, essential oils, seeds and spices, are introduced. The Pindas massage brings us benefits at all levels, since it combines the benefits of massage with the therapeutic principles of aromatherapy and the oils used in the treatment. It favours muscle relaxation, increases muscle flexibility and relieves contractures. –It improves skin hydration through the application of natural essential oils, which helps maintain its elasticity. The anti-inflammatory effects are an ally for rheumatic and joint discomfort. -Its relaxing powers are a natural remedy for insomnia, stress and all kinds of nervous disorders. -It harmonises and balances the body's energy systems. Pindas massage is a natural therapy that brings benefits to our body and mind. The Pindas massage is a natural therapy that facilitates our balance.

Massage with volcanic stones

This is a marvellous technique that allows us to combine the therapeutic massage with geothermal stones with the aim of mobilising the body, favouring muscle relaxation. With this treatment benefits such as improving the quality of sleep, reducing tension in the body, improving the skin, and increasing health care and beauty, stimulate circulation, eliminate muscular pains. Feel the benefits of hot volcanic stones on your skin.

Massages with wraps

Feel the relaxation, pleasure and wellbeing thanks to a relaxing massage with peeling and wrapping in an ideal environment to disconnect and be transported to a world of pleasant sensations, your skin will be soft, nourished, renewed and hydrated. Choose the one you like best.