Cosmetic surgery* is a speciality of plastic surgery oriented towards improving the appearance of certain parts of the body by means of surgical procedures.

Removal of warts, cysts, moles… to the root to prevent them from reappearing by making a small incision.

We also perform *Surgery for obesity*, our medical team and nutritionist will make a study, diagnosis and monitoring of your excess fat to consider the possibility of an operation.

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Gastric bypass

It consists of an anatomical modification of the digestive system, in order to get a successful result, leaving a small stomach and joining it to the small intestine.

Mole removal

Removal of moles so that they do not reappear.

Tubular gastrectomy

This is a technique that reduces the size of the stomach, leaving it in the shape of a tube, reducing its volume in order to feel fullness and satiety sooner.

Wart removal

Removal of warts, cysts, moles... to the root so that they do not reappear by making a small incision.