Beauty is the branch of philosophy that studies the essence and perception of beauty.

Some authors define beauty more broadly, as the study of aesthetic experiences and aesthetic judgments in general, and not only those related to beauty.

We can differentiate two treatments: Body Beauty, related to the body; and Facial Beauty, related to the face.

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Acoustic Wave

It is an innovative technique to reduce and eliminate the most stubborn and severe cellulite. Thanks to its triple action (elimination of cellulite and orange peel, generation of collagen and elastin as well as firming the skin and improving its appearance) you will have surprising results. Painless and effective treatment.

Bamboo canes (bamboo therapy)

Bamboo cane massage is known for its beauty results, such as volumen reduction, fighting localised fat and cellulite, muscular relaxation and stress relief.


It is performed using the technique of microneedling, a non-invasive induction therapy that achieves with micropunctures, that the products penetrate  into the deepest layers of our skin. Some of its main active ingredients are vitamins A, C or E and latest generation peptides. Between 3-6 sessions are recommended depending on the type of skin. The results are surprising from the 1st session and are cumulative. It eliminates or reduces spots, scars, it reduces the size of dilated pores, dark circles under the eyes, it smoothes expression lines, brightens the tone and deeply hydrates our skin, leaving it radiant.

Cold bandages

This treatment consists of special bandages moistened with a cold gel which, when applied for a certain period of time, stimulates blood circulation, helps against fluid retention, cellulite, it is firming, tonic. It is also an ideal treatment for muscular and circulatory problems


Treatment for cellulite (among other applications). Massage stimulates blood circulation and favours the elimination of retained liquids.

Dermabrasion (diamond tip)

It is a deeper and more thorough cleansing that will remove blackheads, impurities, dead cells and renew your skin.

Cell regenerator

A deep radiofrequency treatment that increases the local temperature, helps eliminate localized fat, accelerates the metabolism of cells, generating collagen and elastin as well as regenerating. With excellent results to eliminate cellulite, orange peel skin and flaccidity. It also reduces volume in the area where it is applied. It can be the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, flanks. Very pleasant and painless.


Also called passive gymnastics.  By muscle contraction movements, this treatment has several functions: to reduce the flaccidity, to exercise the muscles, reduce cellulite and orange peel skin, stimulate blood circulation

Eyelash dying and perming

For a feline look, beautiful, manicured eyelashes can be the key to changing a face to improve its expression and reflect great beauty. It allows you to curl your natural lashes in a way that enhances your look. The curvature of the curl depends on the length of the eyelash and the desired effect we want to achieve.